News: TEAMCloud service

Published: 02/08/2021

TEAMCloud cloud technologies are a set of servers operating in a common area through which the end user receives computing resources. Including:
• servers & network infrastructure (infrastructure as a service (IaaS))
• ready-made platforms (platform as a service (PaaS))
• software services (software as a service (SaaS))
Currently only IaaS service is available within TEAMCloud. Our customers using the TEAMCloud web interface are get the following networking opportunities:
• Creating stand-alone servers
• Selection and use of different operating systems
• Organization of own network infrastructure
In the case of service devices և there is a flexible choice. The customer can choose:
• Number of processor cores;
• CPU frequency
• RAM և disk volumes.
When configuring server connectivity, the client can deploy "real" IP addresses on the server or create its own network infrastructure. The latter will have the ability to connect virtual routers & VPN. It should also be noted that servers installed with virtual routers are protected against external attacks (Firewall).
The main feature of TEAMCloud cloud hosting is that it allows you to acquire resources based on the needs of the client, otherwise there is no need to buy expensive, powerful servers to solve simple tasks. He և will not need to interrupt the work of the servers when changing the configuration of a single one.
Provided virtual servers are located on physical platforms that have:
• Additional power supplies
• High productivity
• Effectively deployed network connections
Volume allocated to virtual servers is stored on a high-performance disk drive. Due to the additional volume, it ensures the reliability of the services provided. Depending on your tariff plan, we can give your virtual server different read-register (IOPS) speeds.
Data backup
Each client has the ability to back up their own servers. Moreover, the mentioned operation is performed without interrupting the work of the servers. The number of duplicates is limited by the selected tariff plan.
Service availability: 24/7 working mode.
You can get acquainted with the price offers of TEAMCloud service at the following link: